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Help Is Here

Pleasant People Inc. is here to help avoid you from being incarcerated from driving under the influence of Alcohol or other Drugs.  We help you get a better understanding of the effects of alcohol and drugs on the brain and body. Pleasant People Inc. has been a sponsor of workshops for  alcohol & drug counselors  since 2004. Certified by The Ohio Chemical Dependency Professional Board. Pleasant People Inc. is here to help the addict and their families to understand about the disease of addiction as a Brain Disease and how to adapt a recovery program for both the addict and their family. Services provided are Alcohol/Drug Education. Individual counseling, relapse prevention, case management services, referral and placement services since 1999.

                                                          Pleasant People Inc.

                                                           Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday Hours 10am to 5:30pm

Office: 216-785-9673

            Office Fax:  216-785-9039            

Joyce Pleasant- Howard Cell: 440-654-6290

Renard Howard Cell: 216-624-3602

Our Mission and Vision is to be the leader of providing a continuum of care that will help produce maximum quality in the lives of people, families and communities, through education, spiritual guidance and practical experience.

This will be accomplished through dedicated Professional Services.

Please call us for more information

Office  (216) 785- 9673/ Fax: (216) 785-9039

 (440) 654-6290/ (216) 624-3602  

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