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Name: Cynthia Parrish- Cousins CDCA

Message: This program is one of a kind I had one of the best if not the only teacher to teach hands on information about the steps to becoming a counselor as well as being able to use these skills to better help my growth and understanding on how the mind works. I am very humbled and grateful to have been a part of Pleasant People CDCA class. Mrs. Howard is an intelligent and outstanding instructor she far excelled in hands on activities as well as distributing vital information through videos, paper work and verbal interaction. I would recommend these program to Family and friends ...

Name: Jason. v Harris

Message: First off, I would like to thank everyone at Pleasant People Inc for having patients with me, Second of all I really love to thank Mrs. Joyce Pleasant-Howard for taking the time to make everything clear an very understanding, her class was outstanding and, I will highly recommend her classes and services to my friends and family members thank you an have a blessed an beautiful day! May God continue to shine on Pleasant People Inc an God bless them all!!!!!!!👍🙏😄



 The instructors were very knowledgeable and culturally aware/ sensitive. No more drinking and driving for me.



Name: Craig D.

Message: My weekend with Pleasant People’s DIP program was insightful and eye opening. I found the entire experience quite rewarding and recommend it for anyone needing the help they provide...


Name: Robert Cox

Message: Just want to acknowledge the wonderful, expedient training for my CDCA recertification I received from Joyce Pleasant, of Pleasant People INC. Mrs. Pleasant helped me tremendously, especially considering I waited weeks before my expiration date of my current license. My job was on the line, her workshops made it possible , with her expertise, she was able to accommodate me immediately, even around my busy schedule. That and the fact she showed me how to summit my classes as well as a method of obtaining my license immediately, which is what I valued the most. Not only is she professional, she relieved me of the stress/anxieties I was experiencing, due to my lack of diligence. This was my second recertification with Joyce Pleasant, I highly recommend Pleasant People INC. Again, I thank you..


Dorothy P.

The information given to me was relatable and exceeded my expectations.



Robert T.

This film opening my eyes for not drink and drive I don't want that to happen to me.


The instructor has great knowledge on the topic and seems to care about what she is teaching us. A+



Joyce did an excellent job as usual but this seemed to be her specialty. She showed much passion on this topic.



Joyce you touched some areas in my heart that make me want to really try to carry out a sober life. Thank you 



Thank you so much for speaking to us tonight. I'm actually glad that I was able to participate in this class now there have been so many times where I could have ended up where you were, I really don't want to go through that. You have giving me some "true life" to digest and reflect on . Thank you  




I've learned about the differences signs of the long term effects that drinking can do to my body if I continue  to drink. 



I learned what cocaine and Marijuana  (weed)  can do to you, and if you add alcohol  what affects it can have when you mix them . The teacher wad great she shared her experience and what she lost touched my heart . God gave her a calling and she does a great job at teaching. 



The whole class was a blessing to me and I am very thankful for everyone and all the instructors that helped me.

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